Analysis & sorting technology for the food industry

Quality sorting machinery from Saxony – our know-how for your products!

The technology

Our sorting machines perform efficient and high-quality sorting of agricultural products such as potatoes, carrots and onions, but also sea food or animal feed. In addition to low running costs, we offer a 24 hour inspection and maintenance service and can deliver 90% of spare parts on the day of ordering.
State of the art technologies guarantee a constant, reproducible product quality which can be documented and the permanent availability of the production line.


Our last project


... where several generations of AGROSELECTOR® sorting machines are operating side by side.

The simple, solid construction of our sorting machines guarantees their reliability and their long service life. This allows you to expand your production capacity step by step and helps you build your business with continuous growth. This was proven once again by one of our more recent projects.

A current model was easily installed within the existing production facility alongside a 10 year old AGROSELECTOR®.

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Agroselector sorting machine