Analysis & sorting technology for the food industry

Agroselector® Twin 10T-3M color

  • 3 freely adjustable sorting results
  • Electronic sorting
  • High sorting precision
  • Automatic cleaning function
Agroselector twin 10t-3m color

Agroselector® TWIN 10T-3M Color. High sorting precision in up to 3 quality grades for unpeeled potatoes and onions.

Data sheet Dimensions sheet
  • Sorting results using the example of unpeeled onions

    sorting results
  • Agroselector® 10T-3M color in action

  • Machine features

    • Scanning of the entire surface
    • High sorting precision using modern camera technology
    • Three freely adjustable sorting results possible
    • Highly durable cameras and light sources, no recalibration even when products are changed and during three-shift operation
    • Straightforward operation via touch-screen, extensive memory and statistics functions
    • Robust, low-maintenance construction for a long service life and high hygiene requirements
    • Automatic cleaning function
    • PLC, Profibus connection, remote service via Internet
    • Simple installation in pre-existing production lines


    • Max. 20 t/h, depending on product size


    • Colour values and contrast differences on the surface
    • Areas of rot
    • Green discoloration
    • Red, brown and black spots
    • Scab, Rhizoctonia
    • Size, outer shape

    Teach-in function

    • Display of both the colour and the brightness spectrum of a sample for straightforward adjustment of the sorting parameters

    Optical sensor head

    • 4 SELECT colour cameras
    • Multiple wavelength lighting
    • Long-life, wear-resistant light source
    • Waterproof and air-conditioned
    • Programmable automatic cleaning system


    • Electrically-driven rubber finger rotor (international patent)