Analysis & sorting technology for the food industry

Agroselector Arcus

  • easy and fast entrance in electronic sorting with professional software and modern FullHD Touch-Panel
  • Live image function for a realistic image of the scanned objects as well as a coloured marking of defects
  • new developed sensoric with a long lasting durability and higher precession
  • widened grading compartments
  • optimized design for compliance with the highest standards of hygiene
  • thorough and effective cleaning by tool-free access to the dirty components
AS Arcus

Sorting machine for sorting peeled products like potatoes, onions and carrots.

Data sheet Dimensions sheet
  • Machine features

    • high sorting precision by modern camera technology
    • three free adjustable sorting results possible
    • high durability of the cameras and the light sources, no readjustment even the products are changed and in three-shift-operation
    • simple operation by Full HD Touch-Screen, extensive memory and statistic functions
    • automatic cleaning function


    • up to 8 t/h, depending on the product size
  • AS Arcus Detail