Analysis & sorting technology for the food industry

Cinderella® 800

  • Straightforward installation in pre-existing production lines
  • Electronic sorting
  • High sorting precision
Cinderella 800

Sorting of processed potato products such as potato sticks or chips, diced potatoes, sliced potatoes and potato crisps, with maximum sorting precision.

Data sheet Dimensions sheet
  • Cinderella® 800 sorting machines in action

  • Machine features

    • Robust, low-maintenance construction for a long service life and high hygiene requirements
    • Highly durable cameras and light sources, no recalibration even when products are changed and during three-shift operation
    • High sorting precision using modern camera technology
    • Straightforward operation via touch-screen, extensive memory and statistics functions
    • Rapid selection of stored sorting programs from the program list at the touch of a button
    • Programmable automatic cleaning system
    • Damage-free product handling
    • PLC, Profibus connection, remote service via Internet
    • Simple installation in pre-existing production lines


    • Dependent on product type and size


    • Colour values and contrast differences on the surface
    • Browning level for fried crisps
    • Residual peel
    • Areas of rot
    • Green discoloration
    • Red, brown and black spots

    Teach-in function

    • Representation of the colour and brightness spectrums for easy operation


    • 4 SELECT colour cameras
    • Camera-synchronised multiple wavelength lighting
    • Long-life, wear-resistant light source
    • Waterproof and air-conditioned


    • Nozzle strip with compressed air nozzles which can be operated individually
    • Automatic adjustment of sorting pressure according to the sorting program