Analysis & sorting technology for the food industry

Examples of our sorting machines in use

Modernisation of a packing operation for unpeeled onions in France.

Agroselector in France
  • Installation of an Agroselector® TWIN 10T-3M color with a suction system for loose peel parts
  • Picker personnel no longer required
  • Increase in capacity to 5 tons finished product per hour

Packaging operation in Germany

Packaging operation in Germany
  • Agroselector® TWIN 10T-3M color for unpeeled potatoes
  • Capacity around 10 tons per hour
  • Complete redesign of the picking area
  • Replacement of the previous, extremely outdated, loud and fault-prone machinery
  • Only 1 remaining qualified machine operator for the entire picking area

At Friweika, only "the good potatoes go into the pot"

  • After washing, the modern selection and sorting machinery immediately filters out all tubers which do not satisfy the high requirements.
  • The procedure guarantees top quality produce.
  • Throughput up to 50 tons per hour with up to seven sorting results
  • Runs entirely without operating personnel

New to the market: the Cinderella® 800

Cinderella 800
  • Sorting of cut or small products
  • Here: pre-installed installation just before production launch

Cinderella® 800 for sorting of fried potato crisps

Cinderella for fried potato crisps
  • The Cinderella® 800 measures how many crisps are actually produced at any given moment and automatically controls the quantity of seasoning to be added to the subsequent seasoning drum.

Convenience products for bulk consumers and individual retailers

Agroselector for steam-peeled potatoes
  • Agroselector® 6T-3M color for steam-peeled potatoes
  • Three-shift operation, entirely without personnel
  • High hygiene standard

Factory approval

Agroselector for steam-peeled potatoes
  • 3x Agroselector® 6T-3M color for steam-peeled potatoes
  • Electronics cabinets are installed separately in the operator's office

Organic potatoes in Denmark

Agroselector for organic potatoes
  • 3x Agroselector® 6T-3M color in Denmark for the largest supplier of organic potatoes


friweika production
  • Expansion of production capacity by two new Agroselector® 6T-3M color

Agroselector® operating in parallel

Agroselector operating in parallel
  • Installation of 3 Agroselector® 6T-3M color which can be operated in parallel (for a high throughput) or in series (for particularly high quality requirements)
  • This customer's motto: "top quality, short delivery times and happy customers"