Analysis & sorting technology for the food industry

Individual technology for individual requirements!

Agroselector® 6T-3M Color

Extremely precise sorting of peeled products such as carrots, baby carrots, potatoes, beetroot and onions in three freely adjustable sorting results using the Agroselector® 6T-3M color.

Agroselector® TWIN 10T-3M Color

Agroselector® TWIN 10T-3M Color. High sorting precision in up to 3 quality grades for unpeeled potatoes and onions.

Agroselector® TWIN 10T-3M Carrot

For sorting of carrots in up to 3 freely selectable quality grades with damage-free product handling and high sorting precision.

Cinderella® 800

Sorting of processed potato products such as potato sticks or chips, diced potatoes, sliced potatoes and potato crisps, with maximum sorting precision.

Agroselector® Inline

Agroselector® Inline for sorting of unpeeled agricultural products with high precision and up to 7 adjustable quality levels.

Inline Selector

For sorting of fresh chicken parts, pork cuts, snails, mussels and shrimps complying high hygienic requirements.


Mobile belt wash device for automatic cleaning of conveying belts in the foodstuff industry.