Analysis & sorting technology for the food industry

Inline Selector

  • Sorting machine for meat industry
  • Individual design for operation in fully automated food processing
  • Up to 6 free adjustable size- and quality classes
  • Electronic sorting
  • High sorting precision
sea food Selector

For sorting of fresh chicken parts, pork cuts, snails, mussels and shrimps complying high hygienic requirements.

Data sheet
  • Machine features

    • Modular construction, parallel installation of as many sorting lines as required
    • Scanning of the entire surface
    • High sorting precision using modern camera technology
    • up to 6 free adjustable size- and quality classes
    • Highly durable cameras and light sources, no recalibration even when products are changed
    • Straightforward operation via touch-screen, extensive memory and statistics functions
    • Robust, low-maintenance construction for a long service life and high hygiene requirements


    • Depending on the kind of product and the number of parallel sorting lines